Google Indexing Tool – How to Submit URL to Google Search Engine (Using Google URL Inspection)

In this video, I show you how to get an individual URL (page or post) on your website indexed faster using the Google indexing tool on Google Search Console called “URL Inspection”.

This method can be used for any page or post on your site, so long as you’ve already verified the website on Google Search Console (for more on Google Search Console verification, watch this video:

This method can also be used for new and old posts or pages, no matter if it is new or old content.

1️⃣ To start, go to 0:24
2️⃣ Select the property for which you wish to submit a URL: 0:36
3️⃣ Paste the full URL of the specific page or post to search bar that says “Inspect any URL” (include https:// or http:// and www): 1:03
4️⃣ Wait, then click “Request Indexing”: 1:57
5️⃣ Simply wait…
6️⃣ Come back in an hour or more and see if your URL has been indexed (or re-indexed) by Google: 3:12
✅ Recap: 4:06

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*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this video are my own and may not reflect the best practices and opinions of the social media platforms, search engines, and tools mentioned – and in some cases may directly contradict their terms of service.




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