Forsen's return to Hearthstone (with // Hearthstone Battlegrounds // 05.11.2019

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He wasn’t listening to on stream, but chat was (and mods didn’t time out irrelevant spam for this stream), so I’ve compiled both (while also trying to keep forsen audible EleGiggle ). There are some gaps (00:00:00-01:32:07 and 01:44:50-01:54:20) because chat was either not spamming yet or because I missed what songs were playing (and forgot to check history).

– the version of Outkast – Hey Ya at 2:34:04 isn’t the one that was being played, but I couldn’t find the correct one, so I used the closest alternative
– I had to remove Haru yo koi between 2:50:23 and 2:53:32, since it blocked the video globally

Forsen’s last mainly-Hearthstone stream was on 20.05.2017.

Chat downloader&renderer used:


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