Dumbest As Seen On TV Items Ever

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Everyone’s got a favorite “As Seen On TV” product. With goodies like the Snuggie, Shake Weight, and even Magic Mesh, there’s no shortage of weird crap for Americans to buy to solve problems we never knew we had.

But for each home run, there’s a horrible strikeout that should’ve never been created, let alone be advertised on the airwaves. We’ve seen some weird As Seen On TV products before, but you’re going to need a whole lot of OxiClean to purify your memories of these horrible inventions…

Bowl Brite | 0:27
Dump Meals | 0:57
Sauna Pants | 1:23
Neck Magic Air Cushion | 1:49
My Secret Hair Enhancer | 2:25
Potty Putter | 3:00
UroClub | 3:39
PooTrap | 4:08
Easy Butter | 4:36
Brush Buddies One Direction Singing Toothbrush | 5:03

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