Cracked Sublime Text 3 on Windows 10

year 2020 new license 👉
Today we’re going to crack Sublime Text 3 text editor on Windows 10 and get rid out of that message:
“Hello! Thanks for trying out Sublime Text. This is an unregistered evaluation version, although the trial is untimed, a license must be purchased for continued use. Would you like to purchase a license now?”
with 2 simple tricks which is easy to follow:
1. Modify the hosts file, and block two Sublime Text Servers.
2. Copy/paste the license key.

Copy this, then paste it into the hosts file (1:25):

Copy Sublime Text license key (1:55):
Single User License
8891CBB9 F1513E4F 1A3405C1 A865D53F
115F202E 7B91AB2D 0D2A40ED 352B269B
76E84F0B CD69BFC7 59F2DFEF E267328F
215652A3 E88F9D8F 4C38E3BA 5B2DAAE4
969624E7 DC9CD4D5 717FB40C 1B9738CF
20B3C4F1 E917B5B3 87C38D9C ACCE7DD8
5F7EF854 86B9743C FADC04AA FB0DA5C0
F913BE58 42FEA319 F954EFDD AE881E0B

After successfully follow this video tutorial, you’ll see a message pop up said: “Thanks for purchasing!”…. This mean we’ve #cracked #SublimeText on #Windows10! Enjoy 🙂


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