10 Dumbest Ways To Die In Games

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Death comes to us all when we game, presenting us with anger-inducing Game Over screens and the feeling of defeat. Sometimes, those deaths are well-deserved, but others are just plain dumb, the result of stupidity, or simply bad luck. Oh, and just make note that some of these deaths can be pretty gruesome and are not exactly safe for work. Unless you work as a butcher or something…

Zelda – Death by Cuccos | 0:23
Grand Theft Auto – Hit and run | 0:57
Tomb Raider – Water slide of death | 1:32
Overcooked grenades | 2:12
Team Fortress 2 – Rocket jump fail | 2:46
Call of Duty – Careless package | 3:18
World of Warcraft – Fire walk | 3:43
Mass Effect 2 – Romancing Morinth | 4:20
Sonic CD – Impatient Sonic | 4:57
Quick time events | 5:37

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